Back when one was allowed do that sort of thing, I took a trip to Bergen in Norway to see my good friend Mick. We went on a cruise along a fjord and took some footage on our phones. I thought it could make a nice visual accompaniment for my song “Underneath” and asked Hugh Rodgers to provide his usual editing mastery. You can watch the result on YouTube now.

Underneath” is a duet with Irish singer Bennie Reilly and is one of most personal songs. Written following the death of one my best friends, it is an attempt to make some sense of the loss, of my grief, of how a person lives on in some way in memories, in the influence they had and the lives they touched.

I asked Bennie to sing on the song as I love her soulful and distinctive voice. The track also features Karl Odlum on double bass and Sebastian Slutzky played the Argentinian tango instrument, the bandoneon.



Well, that was quite a few days… First, the Peruvian Embassy began sharing our video and then Peruvian national news picked it up and broadcast it on repeat over the weekend! 

Watch the news report here

As some of you know, I’ve had a project over this lockdown period where I’ve been posting performance videos filmed from various implements and in various rooms around my home. I’ve called it “From the Washing Machine” but various videos have used a French press, a wheelie bin and a cheese grater

‘From the Washing Machine’

My latest video was a remote collaboration with my Irish musician friends Jennifer McMahon and Les Keye and the Cuban percussionist Tony Oscar, where we perform my English-language version of the Peruvian song “Cariñito” (translation: baby, darling). 

It’s a song which is pretty much inescapable in Peru, and I fell in love with it during my time living there. I was delighted and quite emotional when I found out that our version was making waves in the country and that this report was featuring regularly on the national news station, America Noticias.  For those of you who don’t speak Spanish, they’re showing our video to the widow of the writer of the song, the Peruvian legend Ángel Aníbal Rosado, who seems happy enough… 😉

Now, onto the next video…!

Take care.


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